Sunday, April 22, 2007

Introducing Synical

So in Jr. high I was in one of the most popular bands on the face of the planet. Well at HCA at least, and none of us could play instruments but we had imagination and lyrics that would put Gord Downie to shame. Pretty much every school project or birthday that came along we would write a catchy tune. There was even a short film made by us about our trip to South America (which never really happened). Maybe one day it will find its ways out of the dusty archives of wherever it is. But since it was last scene in the hands of Phil I somehow doubt it will ever be seen again.

Well Jillian was nice enough to put together a little montage of videos from grade 9. Synical makes a couple appearances right through to the end so keep watching. We looked pretty dumb just jumping up and down and shouting with guita-----tennis rackets in our hands. Anyways enjoy the video and the dancing hamster at the end.

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beth said...

wow, i cant believe i acutally watched it all the way through!