Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I pledge my allegiance to the Anaheim Ducks. I hope they destroy the Sens.


Jenn said...

The Sens are going to annihilate the Sucks! Oh sorry, i mean Ducks.

The cup is going to players who really know how to play hockey = The Sens.

Dave said...

If the cup is going to go to the players that really now how to play hockey it would probably be the ducks as they have been to the finals before unlike the sens and they have some experience. The sens are going to choke as they always do in the playoffs. Better goalie and better defense + more than one line deep= stanley cup for the ducks.

Anonymous said...

jonathan, i agree with Jenn. you are just a traitor to your country, not going for the last Canadian team out there.


Briggins said...

Lets see
Giguere = Canadian
Niedermayer x 2 = Canadian
DiPenta=Nova Scotian
Perry = Canadian
Kunitz = Canadian
May = Canadian
McDonald = Canadian
Beauchemin = Canadian
Jackman=Canadian get the point.