Monday, May 21, 2007

Malagash Volunteer Training Week 2007

As you know this weekend I went up to Malagash for the weekend to help since there was a shortage of male leaders to help out this weekend. It was a little strange going up since I'm not volunteering there at all this summer. Nonetheless it was a fun weekend filled with lots of rain, food, smelly boys, bonding time, and just a nice time to fellowship and get in the Word.
The ride up was fun too since there were to musical connoisseurs manning the stereo. (note the big word I used). Those connoisseurs were myself and Jacob. It meant lots of Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys, which led to me and Jacob having the line "We used to fly like Peter Pan" stuck in our heads alllll weekend.
The food this weekend was really tasty but didn't necessarily cause peace with the stomach or other body organs. (See Jacob, Bowen, and Briggins)Every time they have the sausages I say I won't eat any but always give in and eat way too many. Luckily there was bacon at brunch by the time I got to the front of the line!
Josh did a good job this week trying out some new games that we hadn't played there before. They were quite a bit of fun, my favourite being the one where a person sits in the middle and they have to reply to questions asked with a one word (a silly word) answer without laughing.
We also had a big game of soccer out in front of the lodge while it was raining which was pretty entertaining. Everyone of us ended up with a plethora of mud and wetness covering our clothes. It also featured a mad man who took down many a man and woman. He is known as Tim Leiper, and when he gets the ball you stay out of his way (ask Emily). My shoes fell victim to the mud and rain and have since moved on to wherever shoes go when they die.
I'm sure I'm missing something, but all in all it was a fun weekend.

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