Sunday, May 13, 2007

Video count down

So this week I will be doing a top 15 music video countdown, which has been hard for me first of all to narrow it down to 15 videos, and then to order them. These videos are all personal favourites of mine. I make my judgements based on originality, the way the video is shot, the presentation of the band playing (if available), and just the affect it has on me. Without further adieu, the number 15 video.

15 - Johnny Cash - Hurt
Director: Mark Romanek
This video make my list because it was one of the last works of music that we were able to see Johnny Cash. It is pretty clear that he is going to die soon which makes it a very chilling video to watch.

14 - Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry
Malloy Bros
I chose this video because I love the way it is directed and the storyline that goes along with the video

13 - Arcade Fire - Power Out
Plates Animation
An outstanding animated music video that goes along with the song perfectly. The way the sparks fly when the drum beats is a nice touch. The little guys remind my of Jawas off of Star Wars.

12- Feist - My Moon My Man
Director: Patrick Daughters
The newest released video to make my list. I like this video just because Leslie Feist does a great job dancing and really catches the flow of the song. The fact she is on a moving side walk makes it that much cooler.

11 - U2- Last Night On Earth
Richie Smyth
What can I say? This video kicks some serious butt. I love the colours in it, the mysterious gloop, and the chic that gets to ride around with Bono and co.

Next five videos to come tomorrow.

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