Monday, May 14, 2007

Video count down part 2

10 - Razorlight - In the Morning
I have a weakness for Razorlight, but I do think this video is fantastic. I like all the strange body movements everybody is making throughout the video and also the brown tinge the band has while performing.

9 - Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To

This video is very strange, but I love it. Just so much random stuff going on at all times in a little room. I think some heavy drinking and drugs were involved.

8 - Coldplay - Talk

I'll admit, this video is pretty cheesy and it did take me a while to appreciate it. One reason I like it is because it is done by my favourite photographer/director in the music industry; Anton Corbijn. Corbijn also shot the video for "All These Things I Have Done" by the Killers and has been U2's photographer for many years.

7 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop
One of the first music videos I really got into, more randomness. But who can't like the shot of Frusciante in a room full of candles.

6 - U2 - Lemon
This video is genius, I love it!

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