Saturday, June 30, 2007

Training Week part 1

I don't plan on writing complete thoughts down right now, but rather small snapshots that when people read this in the future can look back and have a good little laugh out loud. To some of you none of this will make sense, but thats okay.
Its been a great week so far, lots of laughs and times to be real with each other and prepare ourselves for the summer.

SunPac - Hester, Mary, Mike, Dick, Harry, etc.....the most fun ever had with a pack of cards.

I Want To Be Small/Dancing in the rain/Running in circles in the rain/running into the ocean/Mennonite square dancing in the ocean/Freezing cold

Being awaken to big thunder and lightening storms and downpours.

Eggs being lost
Eggs being stolen
Accusations of stealing eggs

Prayer Walk

Bean Salad.

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julia said...

briggy. great entry. good memories already:)