Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas

I guess its not really Christmas, but this weekend I came home from my "other home" (not including the Churchill's or McMullen's). It has been a nice little break from camp just to relax and see my family. We had a little birthday celebration as well since I will be entering my nineteenth year of existence next week. The ice-cream cake tasted great. I made sure that I blew each candle out carefully one at a time. I mean you only get to blow out candles once a year and its a pretty exciting experience. Why blow the whole experience in one breath when you can enjoy it longer and make more wishes? (I only made one wish though, and I'm not saying what it was).

The family went down to the Tall Ships as well. Some of the ships were pretty awesome, but it cost a bunch of money to get a bracelet to go walk on them. And come on, they're all boats and pretty similar. It was nice though that you could go on one of them for free, and it happened to be the biggest one and also had the coolest name; Gorch Fock. I found their laundry schedule, and it wasn't nearly as exciting or creative as the one at camp. But the lone fact it was in German made it awesome.

It was a very very hot day. So when I saw the water fountain downtown with a tonne of little kids running around in it getting cooled down I couldn't resist jumping in myself. Now I'm sure anybody who brushed against me in the crowd of people thought I was a super-sweaty pig.

Now if you're wondering why I haven't done a camp update on the past few weeks, don't worry, I will do one at the end of the summer. I'm just waiting to get my hands on a some pictures to go along with the words.

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