Thursday, October 25, 2007

Unsettled Energy

Tonight I went on a ghost walk downtown with Jenni, Julia, and other people from Jenni's floor. We took the bus down to Citadel Hill and met up with the tour group that was going for the walk throughout the downtown. It was an interesting walk getting to know more about Halifax's history and people's claims of the paranormal. First we saw where the first murder in Halifax took place. We were also shown some interesting places connected with two of the biggest events in Halifax's history; the Halifax Explosion and the sinking of the Titanic. My favourite phrase used multiple times by the tour guide (who did an excellent job) was "there is a lot of unsettled energy here". Which basically means there are claims to be ghosts in the area. There are claims of hearing in multiple places screaming, crying, or laughing of the ghosts who just want to have fun.
One funny story (complete credit to Julia for pointing this out) was this: At the beginning of the tour the guide asked if anybody claimed to be psychic. This one woman raised her hand in the I'm-sort-of-but-not-really way. Throughout the tour, the guide told us of different times he had taken groups on the same tour and they nodded their heads or eyes lit up because they knew/had experienced what he was talking about. Well this one woman who claimed to be psychic did a lot of nodding the whole time. It was pretty funny because obviously it was fake!
The bus ride back to Dal was interesting as it was probably the loudest bus I have ever been on. A bunch of university girls got on and were talking so loud and being ridiculous. It was like being on the bus with a bunch of jr. high girls except worse. Unfortunately the ride caused my IQ to be lowered by 50%.

The End.

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