Sunday, October 21, 2007

Concert Review - Arts & Crafts showcase

October 18th, 2007: The Marquee Club, Halifax
Fellow Concert Goers: Bethany Draper
Bands: Young Galaxy, the Most Serene Republic, Apostle of Hustle

Halifax Pop Explosion, a week long music extravaganza around the city took place this past week. Some of the larger names included Teagan and Sarah, Matt Mays, and Joel Plaskett. The show I was interested in was the Arts & Crafts showcase. First of all I have to say that the Arts & Crafts label has to be one of the best record labels out there featuring amazing talent like the bands listed above along with Feist, Stars, and Broken Social Scene. All the artists on the label pour out alot of creativity and passion into their music. And this was apparent on Thursday night.

The first band to play was Grand Theft Bus who aren't on the Arts & Crafts label and I didn't really care for. The main band I was looking forward to was Young Galaxy. There latest album has been in heavy rotation for me the past few weeks. The passion they poured out into their set was incredible, the highlight for me was when they sang Swing Your Heartbreak, more particularly the bridge of the song.

Next up was the Most Serene Republic who I also really enjoyed all though it was a little loud and too many sounds going on for me to fully appreciate their songs. They had an awesome intro as the band launched their set with the song Humble Peasants with much pot and pan clanging along with violin and trombone. Frontman Adrian Jewett alternated between vocals and trombone the whole set.

The main act Apostle of Hustle, the band I have listened to the least, also put on a very good live show as well. Andrew Whiteman came out wearing a jacket that he must have painted himself. He is definitely a little eccentric, and was definitely under the influence of mind altering substances.

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