Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Fresh China Style

Last night the New Freshers who could got together for a hang out and to eat Chinese food. The food tasted great when it finally got here at 9:00. There were a few hungry campers for sure. We were starting to question whether or not the food would come, especially since Anna and the person (people) had a language barrier to overcome. When it did come it tasted great! Chicken balls, scallop balls, egg roll, beef and broccoli, veggies, ribs, and rice. Unfortunately they forgot the fortune cookies.
While awaiting the food, the guys had a little bit of fun upstairs dancing away with glow sticks to some remixes of Feist, U2, Apostle of Hustle, and our favourite "Black Sea" by the Contact for old times sake. Don't ask me why I always seem to have a plethora of glow sticks at home. Some cool things you can create with them include butterflies, DNA double helix strands, and bug lights.
After we ate we played the singing game Encore. After trying to incorporate a timer into the game multiple times and failing, we just gave up and sang songs without rules. Jordan's arsenal of random little songs was quite hilarious.


Jenn said...

So i seriously don't know what's wrong with Anna in the first picture. The food was so great! We really missed the ones who couldn't attend, Julia, Ashley, Josh, Sarah ad James (who left before the chinese got there.)

julia said...

awww i wish i could have been thereeeee.