Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 in Music album 11

11. The Most Serene Republic - Population I would have had no idea who these guys were if I didn't go see there concert. I was hooked right away. They opened their set with the same song that opens the album, Humble Peasants. The sound of pots and pans clanging in a musical fashion, then a burst of a trombone, and then a burst of awesomeness when the rest of the instruments come in. In many ways they remind me of the Arcade Fire just in terms of a large band with lots of instruments, but in many ways they are very different. This album is solid right from the beginning to the end, never sounding repetitive. Just lots of musical talent on display.

Favourites: Why So Looking Back, Battle Hymn Of the Republic, Humble Peasants, The Men Who Live Upstairs

The Men Who Live Upstairs

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