Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 in Music album 13

13. Kevin Drew - Spirit If...
Kevin Drew, co-founder of Broken Social Scene, released an album known as Broken Social Scene Presents....Kevin Drew Spirit If... From that name you can tell right away that this album is going to sound like Broken Social Scene if it were run completely by Drew. And well thats what it sounds like as Kevin does lead vocals on all the songs. Yet it still has the BBS feel to it as there are numerous special guests featured on the album. I'm a big fan of Kevin and love the sound of his voice so this album is definitely a keeper. Sometimes his lyrics can be very hard to follow and don't make much sense, but they still sound beautiful. If you like BBS, you'll love this album, especially songs like Backed Out On The, a song that sounds like one big indie guitar party.

Favourites: Backed Out On The, Lucky Ones, Angel Faces/Losing Places

Backed Out On The

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