Monday, February 25, 2008

Fabulously lazy Part 1

It is Monday. And I have not showered, shaved, or changed my clothes. I have not left my house, or even poked my head out the door. I am right now living the surreal fake fabulously lazy life of Spring break. Or reading week as educators might call it. I did do some reading today. But it was Jeffery Deaver and The Hockey News. Perhaps later on in the week I will take a stab at some homework.

Right now its just good to re-charge my batteries. I rather enjoyed just being by myself and relaxing all day. Sometimes its just so stressful having so much work that you should be doing, or just trying to entertain people.

Tomorrow is the trade deadline day, so as usual I will be offering my own unofficial analysis. I'm hoping my Habs will land a big gun, Hossa perhaps.

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