Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fabulously Lazy Part 2

Today once again I slept in and then spent the rest of the day closely monitoring all the trades being made in the NHL as it was trade deadline day. If you don't care about hockey you can stop reading now.

Oh Canada, Oh Boring
The biggest moves for the six Canadian teams were the moves they didn't make. The only notable move involving a Canadian team was the Habs moving Huet to the Capitals for a measly second round draft pick in 2009. It was widely believed that Marian Hossa was going to move to either the Canadiens or the Senators, but the Penguins were the ones who eventually were able to scoop him up. Same sort of situation with Vancouver as they were not able to land Brad Richards. Word is they then tried to get Jokinen from Vancouver, but Florida was not interested in moving him. For the past few months the names Michael Ryder of the Canadiens and Alex Tanguay were being tossed around as player who were likely to see a new home before 3:00 EST yesterday. But both players stayed on their respective teams. The other big news as every hockey fan unfortunately has been force fed for the past month, was the fact Sundin refused to waive his no-trade clause. All the Leafs ended up was moving out old guys like Kilger, Belak, and Gill. Ottawa did make one deal yesterday bringing in big veteran Martin Lapointe, another veteran to add to the Sens two previous acquisitions; Cory Stillman and Mike Commodore. And in Edmonton I think Kevin Lowe forgot to wake up in the morning as his team did absolutely nothing, no Ryan Smyth moves like last year.
Washington Capitals - Cristobal Huet may be a UFA at the end of the season, but for a second round pick he is a bargain as the Caps try to squeeze into the playoffs. Playing in such a weak division it seems they will either finish in 3rd place or out of the playoffs all together. They were also able to land Sergei Federov who will be a bonus to their power play and help the team in their push for the playoffs. Matt Cooke also brings some grit and playoff experience with him.

San Jose Sharks/Buffalo Sabres - It was apparent that Brian Campbell would not be wearing a Buffalo jersey in the 2008-2009 season. Rather than let him walk for nothing (see Briere and Drury), the Sabres were able to land young gun Steve Bernier, who has shown flashes of brilliance, and a first rounder. Meanwhile the Sharks were able to land that puck moving star defenceman that they have desperately wanted.
Atlanta Thrashers - Atlanta GM Don Waddell had the best bait dangling from the hook in Marian Hossa, and waited until the final moments before the deadline to move Hossa. Another rental player who would have walked for nothing, Waddell was able to land some bona fide prospects and a first rounder. In Angelo Esposito, they get a player who was passed on in the draft by numerous teams, but could turn out to be quite the exciting player. Erik Christensen and Colby Armstrong are two other cheap young guys who can get the job done.

Dallas Stars - Adding Brad Richards was the perfect move for this club. In my mind they now have all the components they need to go on a lengthy run that will see them eventually lift the Stanley Cup over their shoulders in June. This is a move Tampa had to make with salary cap hole the team has dug themselves into. Now the Stars added some much needed scoring, which they lacked in the playoffs last year, to a solid defensive group and a top notch goalie in Marty Turco.

Montreal Canadiens - As mentioned earlier they were unable to land Marian Hossa or another marquee impact player. What was most shocking however is the fact they traded away Cristobal Huet for a second round pick. Let me remind you that Hal Gill went for a 2nd and 5th round pick later in the draft. There is no way Hall Gill is worth more than Huet. Even if Huet was going to walk as a UFA at the end of the season, would he still not be good to have on a team that is going to make the playoffs?

Vancouver Canucks - Like the Habs they failed to make a splash. This team needs help up front but got nothing. Matt Pettinger won't do anything worthwhile.

Columbus Blue Jackets - For a team with a red hot goalie, and a team that is only five points out of the playoffs in the West, it seems surprising they would be holding a fire sale moving veterans Adam Foote and Sergei Fedorov. How can a team remain relevant in their market if year after year they fail to make the playoffs, and when they do have a shot they move their players who have had success in the second season.
Back to the Future Colorado Avalanche - Bringing back Adam Foote and Peter Forsberg of 2008 are nothing like the Foppa and Adam Foote of old. While they bring some experience to teams where they previously enjoyed much success, Colorado simply does not have the goaltending or defense that a team needs if they want to win the Cup.

Full list of trades and analysis by the Hockey News


Buz said...

Well, well, what a report. You're just a hockey commentator in waiting.

I was surprised Hossa went to Pittsburgh, but man what a playoff powerplay -- Crosby, Hossa, Malkin, Gonchar … I was actually hoping he’d end up in Montreal. I think the Canadiens actually might make a playoff run, but there’s a lot of pressure on Price now.

I agree with you on Richards in Dallas. Great pickup and I think they’ll win the west in the playoffs. Guess you and I will fight over Stars in the playoff pool. Dallas will beat Anaheim. You heard it here second.

My franchise fantasy team took a hit, but my Vertigo players look a little more interesting with Richards in Dallas and Hossa in Pittsburgh. I need to change a player or two and it’s a tough choice on where I get RW games (Ignila, Hossa, Selanne) or which goalie I ditch.

You must enjoy the blog. You update a lot. That’s cool. You keep writing, people will keep reading.


Anonymous said...

hey great post

i have to agree with you on pretty much all of these, san jose added a much needed puck mover in campbell, and suddenly dallas is almost looking like the team to beat.

the one that surprised me was the hossa deal. this was a very risky one for the pens in a year where realistically they will not win the cup. they might win the east but they still just arent gritty or experienced enough to compete with teams like anaheim and dallas.

in my opinion they traded an awfully big chunk of their future for a player whos previous playoff record is just less than impressive.

thats all i got to say, keep up the good work!