Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Done like dinner

Today I wrote my last exam, so second year is officially over. I have received a few marks back and they were decent, so I'm pretty sure I'll be passing all my courses. Its been hard juggling studying for exams and playoff hockey. Especially when there has been a Habs game on every night before an exam! But luckily they got by Boston and are off to round 2 to play the Flyers (Round 2 predictions/analysis coming tomorrow). This year definitely went by wayyy faster then last year and was alot more fun both academically and socially at Dal.
It was nice to make a few new friends in my classes this year as long as running into Chris, Dan, Jeff, and Ryan pretty much daily in the library. And then there was "Boys Thursday" where we would just chat and watch movies instead of doing work or going to classes like we should have. And obviously Boy Thursday took place at Jenni's room. A good host putting up with our big appetites and endless sport chit chat. It was great having Jenni at Dal to hang out with, especially during those weekends where I would work on papers for hours and hours in the library and then have little study breaks (more like movie/pizza/food breaks haha).
Academically I enjoyed it more, the environmental classes were really interesting and I am glad that I chose that path and enjoy where I'm headed (Even if I don't know exactly where I'll end up). International Development was very interesting all though it was hard, both in terms of getting a good grade, and hard with the subject matter because sometimes you just feel so helpless when you see how corrupt our world really is.
With both IDS and Environmental you see so many problems that just aren't being addressed, but you have to remember you are one person and can't change the world...but in the words of Bono from the song Rejoice "I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me"
So now I will take a few days off. Watch lots of hockey of course, probably try to find a job...and then off to field school for 10 days starting on Monday.

End transmission.

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Jenn said...

WOOOO BOYS DAY!!! Highlight of my Thursdays!! Good times.