Thursday, April 24, 2008

Playoff Journal Part II

The results of round one were very close to what I predicted for round 1. The only series being off was the Anaheim vs Dallas series where the defending Cup champs bowed out early. The Bruins put up more of a bunch then I expected, and predicting Ottawa would even win a game against Pittsburgh was generous.

1. Montreal vs. 8. Boston
Prediction: Montreal in 5
Actual: Montreal in 7

2. Pittsburgh vs. 7. Ottawa
Prediction: Pittsburgh in 6
Actual: Pittsburgh in 4

3. Washington vs. 6. Philadelphia
Prediction:Philadelphia in 7
Actual: Philadelphia in 7

4. New Jersey vs. 5. New York
Prediction: New York in 5
Actual: New York in 5

1. Detroit vs. Nashville
Prediction: Detroit in 5
Actual: Detroit in 6

2. San Jose vs. 7. Calgary
Prediction: San Jose in 7
Actual: San Jose in 7

3. Minnesota vs. 6. Colorado
Prediction: Colorado in 7
Actual: Colorado in 6

4. Anaheim vs. 5. Dallas
Prediction: Anaheim in 7
Actual: Dallas in 6

Round 2 Predictions:


1. Montreal vs. 6. Philadelphia
Montreal certainly had a scare when the team they dominated all season ended up making it a series and forcing a game 7. Price let in 4 goals in the 3rd periods of game 5 and 6 and many questioned his confidence. But a stellar shutout performance in game 7 put those questions to rest. Philadelphia on the other hand were in the middle of a wild back and forth series that they ultimately won in overtime in game 7. Both teams rely on exciting players like Kovalev and Briere to score big goals, and this should be a back and forth series. Briere will most definitely get the Chara treatment (booed every time he touches the puck) after choosing to sign in Philly instead of Montreal. Being the biased Habs fan I am my prediction...
Prediction: Montreal in six

2. Pittsburgh vs. 5. New York
Sean Avery, meet George Laraque. Unlike the Devils, Avery will not be able to knock the Penguins off their game. However the dominating Rangers will make this series a close one. Gomez came up huge haunting his former team. And just when everyone thought Jagr had lost interest in the NHL, here he is leading the team in points. Pittsburgh will be well rested which is good news for Crosby who was banged up coming into the series, but often times along layoff means a rough game one. This will be a close series, but once again Hossa, Malkin, and Crosby just to name a few will be too much to handle.
Prediction: Pittsburgh in seven


1. Detroit vs. 6. Colorado
Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, Osgood, Lidstrom, Draper, McCarthy, sorry I'm getting a little nostalgic here. One of the greatest playoff rivalries of the past decade enters another chapter featuring some of the old warriors from past Cup winners. It should be a good series, but once again I think the Wings will come out on top. Osgood stepped it up big time replacing Hasek for the final few games. Detroit's defense is superior to Colorado's, and up front Detroit has more depth and experience. Colorado may have an edge in goal with Theodore returning to his MVP form, but it won't be enough.
Prediction: Detroit in seven

2. San Jose vs. 5 . Dallas
Calgary certainly gave the Sharks a scare in the first round, but period 2 of game 7 is when San Jose showed why they finished second in the league. Dallas handled the Ducks with ease much to my surprise, but I don't think San Jose will be such an easy foe. Both teams feature great goaltenders who have a lot to prove in the playoffs. Joe Thornton also has critics to prove wrong, and a few huge goals in Calgary are starting to show he can be a dominating player in the playoffs. Another close series but in the end San Jose just has too much to handle.
Prediction: San Jose in six


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Anonymous said...

1st round predictions=awesome job

2nd round predictions=whodofthunkit