Sunday, April 06, 2008

Halifax Mooseheads vs. Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 04-05-08

Game 2 of the second round versus the provincial rivals Cape Breton was an exciting energetic game. The Moose were able to win, but it wasn't exactly a cakewalk. While the Herd held the lead or were tied most of the game, it went down to the wire before it was evident the Moose would win. The game featured some rough/dirty stuff, no fights though. As well there was a controversial non-goal call, and a penalty instead to Halifax which resulted in the game being tied 3-3. The crowd was very loud, and there was a fair share of Cape Breton fans as well. Both Dave and I had raspy voices afterwards from all the yelling and cheering we were doing. It was nice to show Jenni what a good ol' Cape Breton and Halifax game is really like...since her first Mooseheads game was a rather lousy one.

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