Tuesday, June 10, 2008

100 Things To Do While Bored In Bio Continued

23. play with paperclips
22. crave McDonalds
21. create harry potter divas
20. Do crosswords in the Gazette
19. find the definition of orgasm
18. look for chips that look like Jay Leno
17. Think about Christmas
16. Think of where this class ranks on the all-time boring class list
15. look for people who are asleep
14. squeeze your knees together and make yourself want to go pee
13. pass gas
12. pass lists
11. think about traumatic events in your childhood
10. play music in your head
9. think about what animal your prof looks like
8. scratch your head
7. chew your pen
6. try to force your body to have to go pee really bad
5.watch the girl in front of you draw on her binder
4. crack your knuckles
3. draw on your binder
2. wish humans underwent mass extinction so this class would not exist
1. make a bigger list than the one you have

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