Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Batter

Well I was going to post pictures of the forest fires (well just the smoke, but where there is smoke there is fire.) BUT I left my camera in my aunt's car. So instead I will post some random animal fat that you can chew on.

  1. I need to come up with a super hero for camp. Any good ideas? Any awesome costume ideas?
  2. Trivial pursuit is an awesome game. Some of the questions are absolutely hilarious when they are said just the right....or wrong way.
  3. A diet of Pepsi, chips, and hot dogs is not recommended by this Briggins.
  4. 15 days until I go up to camp.
  5. I'm actually a little excited for the new Coldplay album.
  6. Lundy, Fastnet, Irish Sea
    I got a message I can't read
    Another message I can't read

1 comment:

tori said...

lol @ #6. And you should be excited for the new coldplay album!