Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Concert Review: The Trews

September 13th, 2008 at the Marquee Club, Halifax.
Fellow Concert Goers: Jenni Richard, Dave Marsh, Ryan McMullen
Headling: The Trews
Supporting: Shelter for Theives

My first concert of the weekend at the Marquee was the Antigonish rockers, the Trews. They're one of those bands who I have their albums, and know all their songs, but don't listen to all that much. But I did see them live in 2006 at the free concert on Parade Square the week of the Junos in Halifax.
The opening band Shelter with Theives was one of the most regrettable moments of my life. Thank goodness for pieces of foam you can roll and put in your ears known as earplugs. But you could say they made the Trews that much more enjoyable.
The Trews rocked the stage for around an hour and forty five minutes playing a plethora of songs. It was a great mix of thier older stuff, cover songs, and songs from their latest album No Time For Later. John-Angus MacDonald was very high energy the entire show playing extended guitar solos during many of the songs including one where he was playing the solo behind his back. Drummer Sean Dalton also put on a good show including a drum solo while the rest of the band were backstage.
The highlight for me was when they played Ishmael & Maggie from their album Den of Theives since it is my favourite Trews song. By the end of the show both me and Dave were feeling it on our vocal chords after belting out their songs all night long. The crowd was really into it, and the Trews songs are the type that even if you don't know them that well you can sing them word for word.
I didn't have the greatest vantage point for pictures, so I apologize I only have one here.

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