Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Face of Book: New or Old

Most of the people that use computers have the face of book. And the face of book is constantly changing. There is zee old facebook and zee new facebook. Soon we will all be forced to use zee new facebook. But its not that easy to navigate or pretty on my eyes me thinks. What do you think?

Who actually uses the new facebook?

Vote. Discuss.


ellie jelly said...

I quite like the new Facebook, but the Wall is strange. Very strange.

beth konrath said...

i dont, and wont use the new facebook! as soon as i get used to a new look, they change it again. its getting to complicated.. ill be sad when they force me to change :(

Tor said...

Theres a new facebook.. wow i need to get out more. wooow

Matt said...

I find the new one cluttered and annoying, don't see why it needs to switch.