Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Concert Review: Wintersleep

September 3rd, 2008. Sexton Field, Dalhousie University, Halifax
Fellow concert goer: Jenni Richard
Headlining: Wintersleep
Supporting: Dog Day

I feel so hardcore blogging about a concert a few hours after I went to it. But if I don't do it now it may never get done. And also what better time to blog then when your ears are still ringing, and the sights and sounds are fresh in your head.

Its Frosh week at Universities across the country. Every year DAL has a "Big Ticket" concert towards the end. My actual frosh year it was Pilate (which I did not attend) and my second year it was Joel Plaskett (which I also did not attend). This year it was Wintersleep, a local and amazing rock band. So luckily Jenni picked up a ticket for me while I was in P.E.I.

The opening band was Dog Day. They were all right. The drummer was pretty good, and the lead singer/guitarist was good. But I didn't really like the vocals. And they had this really strange girl playing the keyboards. She took pictures of the crowd half the time. Jenni got a huge kick out of her, it was quite funny.

Wintersleep put on a great show. The guys all showed lots of energy and it was fun just watching them rock out. They opened their set with "Miasmal Smokes & Yellow Bellied Freaks". The setlist was very heavy with songs from Welcome To The Night Sky. The crowd seemed to enjoy the singles "Weighty Ghost" and "Oblivion". They also played a new song, but the focus was more on the security guards throwing out Mikes & Ikes then the song. (I caught 3 bags by the way). My favourite song live was Laser Beams. It started off slow and personal, but as the song went on it just picked up speed and turned into a great jam.

I highly recommend seeing these guys if you can, they may not be the most personable/talkative band, but they do know how to put on a good show.


Matt said...

You lucky bum. I COULD have been there, but alas was not allowed... due to my lack of ticket. Glad it was good though!

Tim said...

Sorry I missed it. I went to sound check to swap a pedal out for Tim but couldn't make it to the show because it started to soon. Oh well...

Jenn said...

Great way to kick off the school year. Wintersleep was so awesome. And SMU bashing was a great plus to the concert too.

Tor said...

Frig you! I love them! gosh!