Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Malagash 2008: Jr. Teens I

After a week of training, it was time for us to put our training into practice. The first camp of the summer was Jr. Teens I. The first week is always exciting since everybody has a lot of energy and are anxious to get the party started. The week was directed Jenn Spen and Miranda Collins who did a great job (And a great job at keeping us up really late every night). The competition between cabins for the week was the Seals versus the Sharks, versus the Alligators. Our mascots were inflatable water toys. By the end of the week I'm pretty sure that each mascot had been popped and peed on by Jr. High boys. The competition was fierce and furious, but the Sharks came off on top. Obviously my cabin was part of the Sharks. The reward for winning: shaving cream in the face of one of the leaders from the Seals and the Alligators. Democracy prevailed as Julia and Chris were selected to be pied. The speaker for the week was Jeremy Marsh, and once again he did an excellent job challenging and encouraging both the campers and staff.

Some highlights of the week:
  • Playing grogs with my cabin. It was one of the rare times that I was working with the campers instead of being a grog scaring campers. We kicked butt, killing multiple grogs and found a plethora of stones. The sharks got a lot of points because of this.
  • The dump outside of my cabin, and the bottle of pee. You'd have to be in the cabin to understand.
  • The beach walk to Blue Sea Beach. It was a beautiful day (well the weather was great all week long).
  • Dress up meals are always fun. This week they included twin meal, and crazy hair meal.
  • Counseling with Jeff. It was his first week back in a couple years so it was nice to help refresh his memory as to how everything works. Its always fun to work with another Sr. Counselor. And its alot easier when you have an awesome bunch of guys.
  • Bruce

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