Thursday, November 13, 2008

Concert Review: Joel Plaskett

November 12th, 2008. Grawood, Dalhousie University
Fellow Concert goers: Dave Marsh, Ryan McMullen, Jenni Richard, Joelle Grant, Beth Hampton, Trisha Parker

The show was at 8:00, we got in line at 6:30. Yeah, we're cool. But the wait wasn't that bad. We played a bunch of little games and did a lot of laughing while we were in the 19+ line. Poor Joelle was on the other side of the desk barrier with the underagers. Finally after over an hour and a half of waiting we got in, although security didn't think that my school I.D. was valid for some reason since it was an old picture. But after getting in we went right to the front center of the stage to ensure a good view.
The show was free since it was a Myspace secret show also hosted by Telus. Which meant that Telus was giving out some prizes. Ryan ended up winning a nice phone.
After an hour and a half of waiting, Joel Plaskett Emergency came out and put on a delightful show. The crowd was very into the show, turning all the songs into sing-a-longs. They opened the show playing A Million Dollars and from there on in kept playing song after song, covering all their major hits. It was entertaining watching Joel sing and play the drums during Fashionable People. It was also fun hearing all the Clayton Park references, as well as hear him talk about Halifax West. The highlight of the show for me was Snowed In/Cruisin' since it has an awesome jam at the end, and some pretty awesome harmonica. Joel Plaskett always puts on a great show, entertaining the crowd, telling stories, dancing, and making the show seem like something important to him. You can tell he is really fueled by the crowd, and enjoyed how much the crowd at the Grawood were singing along and getting into the show.

After the show we ran into Shaun Majumder and talked to him for a bit and got pictures with him. He was really friendly, oh, and funny.

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