Sunday, November 09, 2008

Concert Review: Feist

November 7th, 2008. At Halifax Metro Center
Fellow Concert goer: Jenni Richard
Headliner: Feist
Supporting: Hayden

Before getting into the nitty gritty details of the show. This was a show that I wanted to go to, but didn't want to pay $50 to see. I ended up buying tickets to other shows instead. But being a concert hound, and also a contest-to-win-concert-tickets-hound, I found one on the facebook event for the show. All you had to do to enter was write a creative way to get there. Well I didn't win. But Jenni won with her poor student entry. "I would close my nursing text books and take the night off. Meeting my friend we would either walk to or ride the Metro transit to the Metro Center. Seeing as that would be my only form of transportation for a poor university student. I am i huge fan of Feist but i don't have the extra money for tickets to see her show." She was kind enough to take me along with her.

The show started and ended with a lantern. First, projected onto a giant blank screen was the silhoute of a lantern hanging from a tree branch. She then grabbed the lantern and hid behind a smaller screen where all you could see was the silhoute of her body as she sang Help Is Aroud the Corner. She then played the first few songs off her Juno winning album The Reminder. With white dancing shoes, swift dancing moves, and a style that captivated the crowd. Throughout the whole show, there were visuals on the screen. But not just projected images. They were art works, playing with lights, shadows, and colour to make beautiful, interesting, and nifty images that went along with the songs. During the slower songs like Honey Honey, Let It Die, and many more, she was able to shocase her vocal and instrumental talents. But during upbeat songs like When I Was A Young Girl, she proved that she also knows how to rock out.
The only thing I didn't like about the show was the way that the crowd sat the whole time and clapped at the appropriate moments. It was also maddening to see people leaving during the encore! As Jenni put it, it was like being at a ballet.

Highlights of the show
-When I Was A Young Girl was amazing live. So much energy and well played. It was also neat the way that red and white lights were used to make "panicked" looking shadows.
-Sealion was awsome, just since I love that song so much.
-During 1 2 3 4, at the climax towards the end of the song, the stage exploded with colourful confetti. Unfortunately my camera died as this was happening.
-Having awesome seats and not paying for them

Setlist courtesy of
Help is on the Way / So Sorry / Mushaboom / I Feel it All / The Limit to Your Love / When I was a Young Girl / The Park / Past in Present / My Moon My Man / Gate Keeper / 1234 / How My Heart Behaves / Sealion // The Water / Secret Heart [pieced together from Chronicle Herald News Article]

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Tor said...

She played let it die!! and sealion woman!!! Gr! !! ! !! ! i can feel the steam coming out of my ears!! that must have been awesome!