Sunday, November 02, 2008

Concert Review: Stars and Hey Rosetta!

Stars night one.
November 1st, 2008. At the Marquee Club, Halifax
Fellow Concert goer: Chantelle Rideout
Headlining: Stars
Supporting: Hey Rosetta!

It was a little colder standing in line outside the Marquee on November 1st than it was the middle of September for Bloc Party. But it was well worth the cold shivers and the wait. When we got inside we went straight to the front of the stage and stayed there for the whole show.
Hey Rosetta! opened up the night with a lively set that got the crowd moving. If you've never listened to them: "ctrl+t" then type and listen to their album on their website. They were entertaining to watch as Tim Baker passionately sang every note, and the other five memebers played a variety of instruments including the violin and cello.
After the crew set up the stage for Stars, pounding bass pumped out "Begining After The End" across the club and then the band fittingly opened with "The Night Starts Here" before playing the lively "Take Me to the Riot." The stage was littered with roses and flowers. Roses on the drums, taped to the mics, on the keys, everywhere. Rose pedals and roses were thrown into the crowd quite frequently throughout the night. Torquil seemed to enjoy the positive feedback he was getting from the crowd throughout the night. They played a bunch of songs from In Our Bedroom After the War, their latest Sad Robots EP, and from Set Yourself on Fire. They also played a few from Heart. In terms of crowd noise, the Set Yourself on Fire songs seemed to garner the most attention and sing-a-longs. At one point during the deafening "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead", Torquil turned the mic and let the fans finish the song off. It was fun to finally see Amy Milan live after enjoying not only her work with Stars, but also work with Broken Social Scene, and many of the extended Arts and Crafts family.
All I can say is bring on tomorrow!

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