Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Concert Review: Stars

Stars night two.
November 2nd, 2008. At St. Matthew's Church, Halifax
Fellow Concert goer: Jenni Richard
Headliner: Stars
Supporting: Hey Rosetta!

Night two of seeing Stars and Hey Rosetta!, and I must say I was very excited to see them again. It was another cold lineup waiting to go in. And unfortunately getting there at 6:55 meant being far back in the lineup. The one thing I don't like about St. Matthew's Church is the way that the stage is so low making it hard to see. Sound wise, the second night was much better.
It was definitely a treat seeing Hey Rosetta! again. They changed up there setlist, adapting to the new setting. There were more slower and softer songs that sounded great in a big church. There is nothing quite like hearing the beautiful sounds of the cello and violin filling a church with an awesome band.
Stars came out once again to "Maintenance Hall, 4am", a haunting song that opens up their Sad Robots EP. They then played the same opening songs as Saturday; The Night Starts Here, Take Me To the Riot, and then Soft Revolution. I didn't mind at all though as those songs are fun to just belt out at the top of your lungs. Torquil then asked if we wanted to hear a ghost story in his "under the influence" sort of way before they went into The Ghost of Genova Heights. They played a few more songs from the album Heart than they did on Saturday night, which I didn't mind. They also played Calander Girl which was also a treat, although I thought that perhaps Torquil's jugular was going to explode as he kept yelling "I'm alive!" over and over again even after the song was done.
The band seemed to really enjoy their time here saying that we were the best crowd all tour. I'm not sure if that was genuine or not. They did play a five song encore instead of a four song encore which was nice. Although I was slightly dissapointed not to hear Reunion again.
It was a little dissapointing too that I couldn't see that great, or get good pictures. But nonetheless, it was a Stars concert, and it was awesome.

Some highlights of both shows:
Hearing Amy singing the final lines of Going, Going, Gone. So much passion. On Saturday you could see tears forming in her eyes as she sang.
Just listening to Amy, she has such a lovely voice. Both her and Torquil sound great when they go back and forth singing.
On Saturday night I loved how they played two of my favourites: Reunion and My Favourite Book
Hey Rosetta! was a treat all around. I didn't expect them to be so good.
Getting to go to the show with good friends (Chantelle and Jenni), making new friends, and seeing old friends.

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