Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rambling II

I haven't blogged for over a week, and feel slightly obliged to write some thoughts down. For me the two easiest things to blog about are sports and music. Now I know some of you love those things, but I also know that for others of you it is painful for you to even attempt to read about why Fleet Foxes are the greatest thing since sliced bread. So I'll ramble in point form since I love lists.

  1. Large amounts of school work lead to a tired and agitate Briggins. Its funny how easy it is to become annoyed with people. For example Monday I was annoyed with this person who sat next to me and was squishing me in my seat....or how I was annoyed with two slow walking people smoking that I couldn't pass on the sidewalk, or the person who wouldn't give me a plastic fork unless I bought something. Its annoying when you act selfish and it just spoils everything around you. I think a good goal for this week would be to not become agitated, try to get some rest, and appreciate all the good things that we've been given in life.
  2. If you are a Canadian citizen you should check out One Million Acts of Green at http://green.cbc.ca/. You can sign up and register your environmentally friendly acts, and get some ideas of other things you can do that are beneficial to the environment. Even if you don't give a care about the environment check it out. Keep an eye out on this blog for some more "green" challenges like my plastic bag challenge.
  3. Okay, now time for sports and music talk. First of all music. This week I'll be watching SNL again for the musical guest: TV on the Radio. I can guarantee it will be much better than a white guy trying to play raggae (Jason Mraz), and it will be better than Steve Martin playing the banjo. He may be a comedian, but sorry, playing the banjo and not being able to sing is not funny.
  4. Murlough House won the snowbowl once again. The snowbowl for those of you who don't know is a football tournament we have every Super Bowl weekend. This was our fourth one. And once again my team, Murlough House, won. Two of the mainstays on our team were unable to play, but our replacements did an adequate job obviously since we won. Unfortunately the Superbowl resulted in the Steelers winning. But it was a very entertaining game, so you can't argue with that. Plus the time with friends and the great food was much needed.
[/end ramble]

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julia said...

pffff. adequate. ha. more like superlative!
It was fun. I was glad to be there this year.