Friday, January 23, 2009

10 Reasons why you should cheer for the Cardinals

Last year a post similar to this was enough to convince one person to not cheer for the Patriots and instead cheer for the Giants. (last year's list) Every year millions of non-football fans watch the Superbowl and end up cheering for the team with the cutest jerseys or that dreamy quarterback. While those reasons may be good enough for them, they should not be considered reasons. Instead these 10 serious reasons should be considered.

10. If you're an insomniac the Steelers have the cure to your illness. However if you are a thrill seeking hipster, the Cardinals are the answer to your cravings. Defense may win championships, but come on...the offensive flare of the Cardinals is much more exciting.

9. The Steelers won Superbowl XL in 2005 over the Seahawks. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, the refs were completely biased and blind saying that Ben Roethlisberger had scored a touchdown when clearly the ball did not cross the line. And then there was the call that was even admitted as a mistake on a penalty called on Seahawks QB Matt Hassleback. The point: They got lucky once, cheer for the Cards.

8. Big Ben on the Steelers drives his motorcycle without a helmet. He crashed a few years ago and had a concusion. Do you want your children to grow up idolizing somebody who doesn't put safety first?

7. Would you rather have a pet cardinal or a pet steel beam?

6. Quarterback Kurt Warner may be older than Colonol Sanders, but some of those exciting plays would make even a germaphobe want to lick his fingers. (don't know what that is supposed to mean). This guy is a role model Christian, athlete, and a true survivor.

5. Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals is arguably the most talented and exciting wide receiver in the game right now. Pulling in three passes for touchdowns last week and racking up the yards shows he comes up big in big games.

4. Steelers wide reciever is too busy running away with marrywhoyawanna then running away from defenders into the endzone.

3. The state flag of Arizona incidently was inspired by the struggles of Tibet. How could you cheer for a team that stands in solidarity with a group of people who have been under harsh rule by China?

2. The Cardinals are your classic underdog story. Nobody expected them to be here. They've never won a Superbowl in their 61 year existence. Every week in the playoffs people thought they would lose. Even diehard Cards fans were cynic I'm sure.

1. Domnique Rodgers-Cromartie is a ridiculously long last name to put on the back of a jersey. So for the sake of the Cardinals knitting grannies, I hope they win. Oh, and hes the cousin of a Charger.

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go cards!!!