Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snoblast 2009: February 13-15

Last weekend I was having a conversation with Jenni during Mission Impossible which reminded me of why its important to blog and write things down. We were talking about past Snoblast events, and it was quite troublesome because I barely had any memories of the two years I went as a camper. Only through conversation with Jenni, and later with Ryan, was I able to piece some things together. I guess when you've been at camp for multiple weeks and months of your life, some of the details of a short weekend 3 years ago can get lost.
So thats why I will blog.

When we arrived on Friday, it was weird to see a couple feet of snow. Pure, white snow. Instead of a foot of grey and black sludge which the snow in Halifax turns into as it melts, freezes, melts, with pollution. It was also chilly. We played some ice breaker games including the ever popular baloon popping game. I must say that is one of my favourite games as it is high energy and explosive. And its great having a height advantage over most of the kids. We then played Mission Impossible, which was freezing cold. I think my favourite moment was when Jenni and I thought we were being so sneaky tracking footprints of what we thought were campers. But on closer inspection it turned out to be deer prints.
Saturday morning started with a hearty breakfast of the famous pancakes and sausages. (Please note the bad pun: hearty...Valentines Day...get it? lolz) And as usual the sausages made there way through my digestive system almost instantaneously. After breakfast we had chapel with Matt, Anna, and Chris leading worship. Hudson then spoke. Next we played some games outside, including full contact steal the bacon. My number was called alot, and my body was pretty soar afterwards. But it was fun. Then we did the egg drop where you drop and egg from various heights hoping it won't break by creating an apparataus around it out of tape and newspaper. In the afternoon we had the usual football game, which didn't last overly long since we didn't have the usual football crowd there. In the evening we had the popular (well Ashley really likes it) Western Night which involved all kinds of Western style games highlighted at the end by a chubby bunny contest between Matt and Chris. After that we played other camp usuals: trainwreck, whack, and shuffle your buns. Since the snow in the woods was too deep, we played an indoor night game: Hide and Seek in the dark. Me and Chris had a good hiding spot, although I'm hoping that I did not breathe in any osbestos. That was followed by a campfire and then a long night of "cracking" jokes and other firey things.
Sunday was the end. We had chapel then a brunch which was delish before we bid farewell to new and old friends.

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