Thursday, February 12, 2009

TV on the Radio and Radiohead on the TV

That has to be one of the best blog titles ever. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night I had something to look forward to on late night TV as a few of my favourite bands were doing songs here and there. Saturday night light featured the New York band TV on the Radio on SNL. While it was a fun and lively performance, the sound just didn't...well sound right. Still good though. Sunday night was the Grammys. U2 opened the show with Get On Your Boots. Coldplay was in there too playing Lost (featuring Jay-Z) and Viva La Vida and pretending they were the Beatles or something with their Srgt. Pepper getup on. The highlight for me was Radiohead, well just Thom and Jonny, playing 15 Step with the USC marching band. Epic times 10.
Then on Monday night TV on the Radio was on TV again. This time playing Golden Age on the Colbert Report. It sounded much much better than Saturday. And the interview before hand was very funny.

Radiohead at the Grammys


Tim said...

I also enjoyed Radiohead on the Grammys! U2 should retire unfortunately.

Have you heard the new In Flight Safety record?

Anonymous said...

holy! that radiohead vid is amazing!!!!!

goosebumps like crazy!

im watching that again! haha