Sunday, June 07, 2009


This past weekend was spent hanging out with my cousins in Truro. It is fun to have family members that you are close to and can hang out with for a whole weekend without wanting to slit their throats (wasn't always the case with us).
Back in the day me and Christopher used to get together and play with LEGO for the entire weekend (specifically Star Wars sets), so in an act of nostalgia we went out and purchased a set from Wal Mart. Those plastic bricks are pricey! We never realized since we weren't the ones buying it as kids (moral of the story: be thankful towards your parents for all the toys they spoiled you with as a kid). It was fun cracking open the cardboard box, ripping open the plastic baggies with pieces inside, then following the instruction booklet and building away.
We also went to the theatre and watched a few movies late last night, which was fun at the time, but made it sort of difficult to maintain conciousnous and alertness during church this morning. It was also fun to pig out after midnight getting a McChicken meal from McDonalds, drinking cans of Pepsi, a tin of Pringles, and a Reeses Pieces bar (man those things are good, chocolate and peanut butter together are the ultimate duo). Finally saw Star Trek. I'm not a Trekie at all, but it was well done and easy to follow.
Here are some pics of the fun we had.

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"it's cool to love your family"
uncool video, cool thoughts.