Thursday, October 29, 2009

Concert Review: Bruce Peninsula

October 21st, 2009. St. Matthew's Church, Halifax, NS
Headliner: Bruce Peninsula
Supporting: Valleys, The Got To Get Got, York Redoubt
I already briefly mentioned this show in my HPX09 Wednesday entry. The Herohill Showcase featured two local bands; the upstart and hyped York Redoubt and The Got To Get Got. York Redoubt played through an energetic set, but hope you didn't blink. They only played for twenty minutes. The Got To Get Got also played an energetic set featuring a full band and multiple instruments. Valleys put on an ambient and stirring show. The music of a hazy dream, although they were having some technical difficulties at the beginning which delayed the start of their set.
The highlight of the night was the set put on by Bruce Peninsula. Album sales are a good indication of the impact a band has on the crowd. Before they were finished playing their first song, multiple people went to the merchandise booth and bought CDs, a trend that continued throughout the night. The band featured four female vocalists, two male vocalists, and multiple instruments. All of their voices worked together in perfect unison to fill the Seahorse with a beautiful and haunting show. All of the members are very charismatic, displaying passion as they sing their hearts out. At times it was like watching an elementary school music class in the sense that everyone was playing an instrument, clanging a tambourine or banging another noise maker. The songs all have a very organic feel to them, making it easy to connect to and appreciate the music. During the encore, they did a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "the Chain" which they absolutely nailed.

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