Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halifax Pop Explosion 2009 Journal: Wednesday

Halifax Pop Explosion is one of the best things that go down in Halifax. The city looks beautiful with the leaves changing coulours, everyone has busted out their leather and denim jackets, and there are awesome bands playing awesome music all over the city.
This year is my first year volunteering with the festival, and based on last night's experience I will be doing it for years to come. I started off the night selling tickets, but soon was asked to sell merchandise for the Got To Get Got (Halifax). I ended up working the whole night selling merch for Valleys (Montreal), and Bruce Peninsula (Toronto). This gave me the opportunity to watch the show as well as interact with the artists. The folks in Bruce Peninsula were fantastic and appreciative of my work. A couple members came back and talked to me for quite a while. It was great chatting about music, stuff to do in Halifax, and life. I thinks sometimes its easy to forget that musicians are just people to and enjoy the same things as everybody else. An explosion of music lovers and musicians all over Halifax? Yes please.

P.S. I'll do some more official review type things throughout the week.

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