Thursday, October 15, 2009

Concert Review: Rich Aucoin

October 5th, 2009. The Paragon Theatre, Halifax, NS
Fellow Concert goers: Julia Churchill, Matt Bustin, Kate Bustin, and many others
Headliner: Rich Aucoin
Supporting: Ryan Hemsworth, Windom Earle

Thanksgiving weekend is a time when old friends come home, and other friends go home. It is also a time when massive quantities of turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie, and other tasty treats which leave you feeling rotund. This is why a night of loud music, flashing lights, balloons, and dancing is highly recommended this time of year. Those who attended this show got just that. Ryan Hemsworth opened the show playing guitar and singing over custom made loops. Rich Aucoin came into the Paragon halfway through the performance sporting a yellow rain jacket and bicycle helmet. Rich then went on stage and DJed some mashups under the name Century Club. Windom Earle then took the stage with an energetic set that got everybody moving. While they were playing, an old workout video called "Teen Steam" was projected on the screen behind them.
Rich Aucoin then came out with his band, all clad in white shirts and tight white pants. A key element of his show is the way his performance is synced with video clips. Unfortunately technical difficulties removed this element, but he compensated for this by really engaging the crowd. There were multiple times throughout the set where the barrier before performer and audience was broken as he would come down into the crowd, encouraging dancing and singing. Towards the end of the show, a bunch of balloons were thrown into the crowd to throw around. One thing that sets Rich Aucoin apart from others as a performer is his ability to unite the crowd, get them energized, and feel like an integral part of the show.

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