Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2006 In Music Part 2

9.The Killers - Sam's Town
I reviewed this album a while back on the blog. I was impressed that they did not do a carbon copy of Hot Fuss but tried something a little different but still sounding great. Maybe it isn't the most radio friendly album or filled with stunning tracks but as a whole the album is a different direction for the Killers, going back to their American roots.
Tracks to download:When You Were Young, Bling(Confessions of a King), For Reasons Unknown

8. Beck - the Information
Beck has been around quite a while but I have never listened to him extensively. I was sort of suprised to find myself buying the album. But what isn't to like? An album that comes with a booklet of stickers where you can design multiple album covers, and also a DVD with music videos for each song. I give Beck props for trying something different than just the plain old jewel case. Musically the album has become a popular one for me while studying, just the creative beats makes a relaxing and catchy album.
Tracks to download:Think I'm In Love, Soldier Jane, Strange Apparation, No Complaints

7.Pilate - Sell Control For Life's Speed
I'm not sure if this album deserves such a high ranking because I only listen to the first 4 or 5 songs most of the time. But those four songs are all extremely catchy. Todd Clarke has an amazing voice and has raw emotion pouring out in all the songs they do. I can't say I am too happy that they have changed their name since the release of the album in Canada for legal purposes. Pilot Speed is a little dumb if you ask me. If you like Radiohead and/or Coldplay I would advise checking these guys out. I had the privledge of seeing these guys play a small acoustic set in the spring a few weeks before the release of the album.
Tracks to purchase (buy their music, they're small, they're Canadian):Knife Gray Sea, Barely Listening, Kind of Hope, Over-Ground

6.Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
I'm impressed with the boys just because they were able to put out a double album and both discs are worth listening to in their entirety. Originally the album was going to include three discs but fortunately they were able to trim it down. Dani California was an extremely catchy song with one of my favourite music videos of all time. Unfortunately the radio killed the song for me as it was and still is grossly overplayed.
Tracks to download: Snow ((Hey Oh)), Hey, Wet Sand, Turn It Again, Animal Bar, Desecration Smile

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Sean McMullen said...

I'm curious to see what you think is number 1.

And is this music selection only alternative? What about Bob Dylan's latest album? Or Ryan Adams '29'?

Either way, I appreciate the thoughts you are putting into these album choices. Keep it up Briggs.

And if your iron lung fails, blame it on your black star or those paranoid androids running from the karma police.