Thursday, December 21, 2006

2006 In Music Part 3

5. Keane - Under the Iron Sea
Alot of people were dissapointed with the guitarless Keane's second major release. I for one was not however. While it did have many of the same elements as their popular debut 'Hopes and Fears', it also experimented with some new sounds with distortion through the keys. Atlantic was in interesting choice as a download only single. The vocals and lyrics stand out. As a whole I really like the feel of this album. Perhaps my favourite thing about the album however was the outstanding artwork by Finnish artist...(I can't find her name).
Tracks to download:Nothing In My Way, Leaving So Soon?, Try Again, Bad Dream

4. Thom Yorke - The Eraser
When I first listened to the frontman from Radiohead's solo album, I wasn't even a Radiohead fan at that point. More on radiohead later on in the week. There is just something about this haunting and beautiful album that makes me think. Thom's vocals and beats are great, especially on Cymbal Rush. One of my favourite songs of the year is also on this album, Harrowdown Hill. It has a very interesting story. (I'll tell the story at a later date)
Tracks to download:Cymbal Rush, Harrowdown Hill, the Eraser, And It Rained All Night

3. Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
An epic album that I listened to over and over after I bought it. And I still listen to it regularily. I downloaded this album a while before it was released as it was leaked on the internet. Right away I fell in love with Snow Patrol and had to buy the album when it came out. When I first started listening to them not too many of my friends had heard of them before. And then thank you Grey's Anatomy everybody on the planet has heard them now as Chasing Cars has been butchered by the radio. It is an excellent track but certainly not the best on the album. I highly recommend purchasing this album.
Tracks to download: Hand's Open, Shut Your Eyes, Chasing Cars, Its Begining to Get to Me

The secret of the top 2 albums for me will be revealed tomorrow. :0)

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