Thursday, November 06, 2008

Overheard at the Briggins dinner table

Family member 1: Who are you calling?
Family member 2: Your mom.
Family member 1: Why are you calling my mom?
Family member 3: haha, shes not actually. Don't you know "Your mom" jokes?
Family member 1: No
Family member 2: Okay here is an example. These flowers are pretty.
Family member 3: Your mom is pretty!
Family member 1: I'm confused.
Family member 3: Your mom is confused!

Next on the menu is teaching family member 1 what "Thats what she said" jokes are.


Tom, Leah and Josie said...

ha ha ha that's a pretty funny one! I'm thinking it was between a parent and you.

Tor said...


beth konrath said...

hahaha thats awesome. i lol'ed