Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008 In Music Albums 16-20

16. Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer
I know this isn't their best album, but its the only one I have listened to. Always have to check out these indie bands from Montreal. I enjoy the fact it is nine songs. I respect when bands make an album as long as it needs to be, not just cramming on extra songs for the sake of a longer CD. I also like the fact that my name (Jonathan) is mentioned in the song Kissing the Beehive. Well worth a listen.

Favourites: Call It a Ritual, Language City, Kissing the Beehive

17. Bloc Party - Intimacy
At first I didn't care for the album much. But seeing them live certainly helped. This album features more electronic and experimental sounds on it. It results in some fun dance songs with great lyrics. But some of the songs fall flat and don't stick out.

Favourites: Mercury, One Month Off, Ares

18. Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue
Another great band from Montreal, with members that were originally based here in Halifax. I know they play here quite a bit, I'll have to get out and see them one of these days. Each song is a sweeping beautiful soft rock song with passionate vocals and great guitars. Good Friend is one of my favourite songs of the year.

Favourites: Good Friend, Feedback in the Fields

19. Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell
I do love this album, its just I find almost every song sounds the same. They were fun to see live, but I just can't get past the fact that I think they sound like the Arctic Monkeys. Just a Canadian version. Another short album with fast songs that hit you quick, which I always like. Its good when you can listen to an album in focus in one sitting.

Favourites: Tessellate, In a Cave, Juno

20. Evangelicals - The Evening Descends
A crazy psychedelic journey through rock and roll. I don't know where I found out about these guys, but I do love the ongoing tale in this story. At points the vocals can get loud and borderline annoying, but the structure of the album is interesting. At times it sounds like Pink Floyd, at other times it sounds like a hymn.

Favourites: Skeleton Man, Part Crashin'

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