Saturday, September 12, 2009

Concert Review: Joel Plaskett Emergency

September 11th, 2009. Dalhousie University, Halifax
Fellow Concert goers: Joelle Grant, Jenni Richard, Dave Marsh, Rebekah Briggins, Jenna Aguinaga
Headliner: Joel Plaskett Emergency
Supporting: The Mark Inside

Getting sick of reading about Joel Plaskett on this blog? This was my fourth Plaskett show of 2009, but seeing him never grows old. The show was part of DalFest, and it was free. Last time I checked, people (especially cheap college kids) flock to free concerts and this was no different. It was a beautiful September evening on the Quad. The show got kicked off by The Mark Inside, a four piece band based out of Toronto. As the evening turned into the night, the tall and lanky Joel Plaskett emerged from the back of the stage along with the rest of the band and started into Absentminded Melody. This was followed by a pair of songs of his latest album Three. It was different hearing You Let Me Down and Sailor's Eyes sung without the accompaniment of Anna Egg and Rose Cousins, but they were still entertaining nonetheless. During Penny For Your Thoughts, Dave Marsh was experiencing some difficulties with his bass drum. There was a slight delay after the song as it took some time to repair. Joel took advantage of the delay and played Outroduction by himself. After this, Chris played a few notes on his bass which got the crowd going. Thats because they were the distinctive opening lines of Work Out Fine. It was during this song where it was evident that it was going to be a good night, the whole audience singing along word for word. This was followed by a few other crowd pleasers: Extraordinary and Through & Through & Through. Down At The Khyber got a great reaction from the crowd every time he sang the chorus which mentions Edmonton Alberta, Halifax, and Musquedobit Harbour. "I'm pressing all the right buttons" Joel said in response to the crowd. After singing the ode to Halifax "I Love This Town", they played a rocking version of Nowhere With You. The ground was shaking and the air was filled with the crowd belting out "nah nah nah nah nah" which drew smiles from everyone in the band. But Joel warned everyone that although it was nice, winter in Halifax was coming, which meant they were playing my favourite Plaskett song: Snowed In/Cruisin' . They haven't played this one at many shows I've gone to, so it was a personal highlight of the show. Having Peter Elkas there to play the harmonica during the transition between the two parts of the song is always a bonus. After the main setlist, the band came out for a two song encore. First they played Fashionable People where Dave and Joel do the switcheroo with Joel on drums and Dave on guitar. The show ended with a very fitting song for a show at a University in September; Come On Teacher. It was the perfect ending to an energetic concert.
After the concert as part of Dalfest, there were a plethora of fireworks shot off. It was rather impressive. The fireworks were constantly being shot off for at least five minutes, keeping the ears and eyes stimulating. The smell of sulphur was overpowering, and it almost seemed like Dal was being air raided or something. Way better than anything Halifax Regional Municipality has shot off in the past decade or so. Its good to know our tuition is being used in explosive ways.
Following the Fireworks, we hung around to get some autographs and pictures with the band. I yelled out to Dave as he was taking down his drum kit and asked for a setlist. He came over and handed me one, and then gave Joelle one as well. Dave Marsh told Dave Marsh his name, and Dave Marsh remembered meeting Dave Marsh at the Carleton in the spring. So Dave Marsh gave Dave Marsh a drum stick. The band are always a treat to watch and meet afterwards. Any chance you have to see this great Canadian artist, go for it. You won't regret it.

Absentminded Melody
You Let Me Down
Sailors Eyes
Ashtray Rock
Penny For Your Thoughts
Work Out Fine
Run, Run, Run
Down At The Khyber
I Love This Town
Nowhere With You
Snowed In/Cruisin'
Face of the Earth
A Million Dollars
Wishful Thinking

Fashionable People
Come On Teacher

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